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Build To Scale, Scale to Grow

Build To Scale, Scale to Grow

Data Scalability is one of the foundational tenets for Enterprise Performance Management platforms. With advent of cloud computing and the ability of enterprises to generate large volumes of transactional data makes it all the more important that EPM platforms continue to keep up. 50 to 100 million transactions for Financial Forecasting is no more a big number – in fact, it is the fundamental expectation these days. We believed in 4 important tenets when we built QuarkCube Platform
1. It should be a single platform that can cater to all Data Analytics and Financial Needs, right from Management Reporting to Statutory Reporting to Investor Reporting, from Financial Planning to Consolidation
2. It should be a single platform with zero compromise on data scalability
3. It should go beyond Finance to include all kinds of cross-functional operational data as well
4. It should provide ability for users to model what they want, how they want without worrying about design limitations of the product or scale

For us, Scale is not an after thought but a foundational tenet. We scale as you add users or as you add data. Our vision is to elevate and equip organizations to go where they were not able to go before due to the technology limitations of traditional EPM Software's. We run on our unique technology IP that is cloud agnostic and most importantly gives enterprises to model, report and analyze large volumes of Financial Data.

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