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Goodbye Uncertainty, Hello Agility! 

QuarkCube is a born-in-the-cloud multi-dimensional data modeling and analysis platform. 

We build solutions that help you Plan, Monitor and Improve Business Performance.


QuarkCube In Action

Business Problems We Solve

What we do for you?

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Mitigate risks with Scenario Planning
strategic analysis.png
Simplify M&A Modeling & Analysis 
financial Risk.png
Identify and Model Financial Risks
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Shorten time to Financial Close
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Accelerate Digital Transformation

All You Need To Improve Business Performance 

How we get you there?


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Multi-Dimensional Business

Data Modeling

Proprietary Quark Engine provides you unmatched parallelization and scale to rapidly model your business along multiple dimensions, hierarchies, scenarios, and data granularity 

Scenario Planning, Enterprise Budgeting & Forecasting

Powerful ‘What-If’ Scenario Planning, helps you plan, budget and forecast for multiple simulated business scenarios with varying business drivers and changing market dynamics

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Management, Performance, 

and Statutory Reporting

Reduce human efforts and errors in preparing accurate and consistent reports incorporating operational results, financial results, and narratives for the board, management, regulators, or others

Advance Financial Analytics and Visualization

Perform Perspective Analysis of your business with combined analysis of structured and unstructured data; discover trends, spikes, and declines using advanced analytics, and view them on interactive dashboards and reports


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Enterprise Data Integration

Integrate QuarkCube Platform with almost any enterprise business application such as an ERP, CRM, HCM or any other operational data source, ensuring a single source of truth; view analyzed data and reports in any office productivity or visualization tool

QuarkCube Data Integration Diagram 5.png


QuarkCube Difference

What sets us apart?

Cloud Native



Platform built ground up with the latest and best technologies and innovations available

Benefit from all that SaaS has to offer - economies-of-scale, time-to-value, elasticity, continuous innovation and much more

Availability and Accessibility

Access your models, plans,  and dashboards from anywhere, on any device, any time

Pay as you go,

Scale as you grow

Pay just for the services you use, scale users and data as your business grows

On-Premise and Hybrid Deployment

In addition to Cloud, deploy and host within your premise and firewall for enhanced security and compliance

User Experience & Data Security

Personalized Experience

Experience personalized yet consistent and intuitive user experience

Custom Applications

Build custom applications and user interfaces with low-code Application Build Framework

Data Visualization

View and analyse data visually with interactive dashboards and , charts

Role Based Access

Robust Security

Control, manage and audit user activities and access to Models, Pages and Data

Platform and data hosted on industry leading and secure infrastructure

Simulation and Scenario Planning

Scenario Modeling & 'What-if' Analysis

Perform complex 'What-If' simulations on changing hierarchies and varying attributes in addition to driver and measure based scenarios

Avatar Hierarchies

Hierarchies take multiple avatars - they provide for natural aggregations while also play the role of a dimension in a cube, unique concept to QuarkCube

Dimensions Depot

Dimensions by their very nature are shared across models. Changes made to dimensions in the depot are automatically reflected in all the models

Advance Attribute Support

QuarkCube is the only multi-dimensional data platform that offers comprehensive support for Varying Attributes with the ability to store and track unstructured data that varies over time

Enterprise Business Data Modeling

Unlimited flexible Business Models

Build unlimited distinct business models with varied complexities yet seamlessly connect, scale, and manage them all centrally

Logical Models with Auto Aggregation

Get dynamically aggregated data (real-time or stored) without writing custom rules or codes

Flexible Hierarchies

Flexible data entry at both parent and child member levels with shared members across models. This offers data granularity needed for variety of planning, budgeting and reporting use-cases

Native Financial Intelligence

Platform natively understands business and accounting structures with out-of-box forecasting, simulations and analysis, reducing time to value

Common Calculation Framework

Variety of calculations and functions such as YTD, MTD, Share type, KPI, Parallel Period, Rolling and Custom aggregations, etc available for reuse across Models and Reports

Digital Innovation

Real-time Analysis and Reporting

Perform variety of analytics on data models, with cross-model referencing, reporting, computations and business rules

Perspective Analysis

Add context to your data with 'as-is/as-was' comparisons, simulated scenarios for changes in hierarchies and attributes, and combined analysis of structured and unstructured data

Advance Analytics

Employ statistical forecasting algorithms and Predictive Analytics functions available out-of-the-box

Digital Transformation

Transform your business with Next-Gen digital technologies such as Advance Analytics, Heuristics, Unstructured Data Analysis, Auto NLP, RPA and more

Cloud Native

Enterprise Business Data Modeling

Simulation and Scenario Planning

Digital Innovation

User Experience and Data Security

Cloud Native

Enterprise Business Data Modeling

Simulation and Scenario Planning

Digital Innovation

User Experience and Data Security

Case for QuarkCube 

Why QuarkCube?


Single plaform for all Planning, Profitability and Performance Management needs

Every stakeholder may build distinct models yet seamlessly connect with one another

Get a single source of truth with connected systems - financial, operational and analytical


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Scale up data and users with changes in your business needs or market dynamics 

Process complex rules and analytical queries in seconds and minutes, not hours and days

Update formulae, rules, drivers, or any other aspects with ease as market dynamics change


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Connect seamlessly with your existing business application such as ERP, CRM, and more

Extend and export your data with native and custom scripts and REST APIs

Import custom algorithms for advanced analytics, AI/ML, or other Next-Gen technologies


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Something for Everyone

Whom we build for?

Make real-time planning and decision-making a reality by empowering every individual at every level within and between functions to collaboratively work on consistent and connected data.


Make the next big move

Where do you go from here?

Get started with QuarkCube, today

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