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The business performance management platform

for a rapidly changing World

QuarkCube is a multi-dimensional data modeling and analysis platform. We help you transform the way you Plan, Measure and Improve Business Performance

Data Models

Hover over below models to watch demo videos.

Explain, Extend & Connect External

Explain Extend and Connect External.png

Relate, Simulate & Goal Seek

Relate Simulate and Goal Seek (2).png

Forecast and AI / ML

Forecast AI ML.png

Allocate, Consolidate & Translate


Scale & Data Generate

Scale and Data Generate.png

Visualize and Writeback

Visualize and Writeback.png

Model as you Think

Model as you Think.png

Think as you Model

Think as you Model.png

Package and Templatize

Package and Templatize.png

Share &  Collaborate Cross-Platform

Share and Collaborate.png

Statistics & Data Playground

Forecast and AI ML.png

Secure and Trust

Secure and Trust.png

Business challenges we address

scenario modelling.png

Mitigate risks with Scenario Planning

strategic analysis.png

Simplify M&A Modeling & Analysis 

financial Risk.png

Identify and Model Financial Risks

financial close.png

Shorten time to  Financial Close 

accelerate digital transformation.png

Accelerate Digital Innovation

Everything you need for Planning & Analysis

How we address your business challenges?

Multi-Dimensional Data Modeling

Proprietary Quark Engine provides you unmatched parallelization and scale to rapidly model your business along multiple dimensions, hierarchies, scenarios, and data granularity 

Scenario Planning, Enterprise Budgeting & Forecasting

Powerful ‘What-If’ Scenario Planning, helps you plan, budget and forecast for multiple simulated business scenarios with varying business drivers and changing market dynamics

Advance Financial Analytics and Visualization

Perform Perspective Analysis of your business with combined analysis of structured and unstructured data; discover trends, spikes, and declines using advanced analytics, and view them on interactive dashboards and reports

Management, performance and statutory reporting

Reduce human efforts and errors in preparing accurate and consistent reports incorporating operational results, financial results, and narratives for the board, management, regulators, or others

A quick glance at QuarkCube

How does it look?

Laptop Picture1.png
Cash Flow Forecast with Cash Balance Ove

Brands that trust us

The case for QuarkCube platform

Why QuarkCube?

One Solution for Planning & Analysis

  • Single plaform for all Planning, Profitability and Performance Management needs

  • Every stakeholder may build distinct models yet seamlessly connect with one another

  • Get a single source of truth with connected systems - financial, operational and analytical

Cloud-based, Scalable, Powerful and Agile

  • Scale up data and users with changes in your business needs or market dynamics 

  • Process complex rules and analytical queries in seconds and minutes, not hours and days

  • Update formulae, rules, drivers, or any other aspects with ease as market dynamics change

Extensible Platform Built for Innovation

  • Connect seamlessly with your existing business application such as ERP, CRM, and more

  • Extend and export your data with native and custom scripts and REST APIs

  • Import custom algorithms for advanced analytics, AI/ML, or other Next-Gen technologies

Something for Everyone

Whom we build for?

Make real-time planning and decision-making a reality by empowering every individual at every level within and between functions to collaboratively work on consistent and connected data.


Make the Next Big Move

Make the next big move

Get started with QuarkCube, today

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