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10 Levels of Enterprise Finance Maturity

10 Levels of Enterprise Finance Maturity

The need for data driven decision making is driving executives including CFOs to automate every aspect of Finance. Digitizing the office of finance will generate significant value not only for the executives but also for share holders as the impact of operational metrics can be viewed using Financial Lens. So Strategy to Execution will no more be aspirational but tangible when it comes to measurement.
While Digitization of the Finance Office is a great aspiration, it is fraught with challenges right from Process to People to Technology. Care must be taken in choosing not only the technology but also about how we go about changing the internal processes to align to the technology.

At QuarkCube, we bucket the Digitization journey of the Finance office in 10 different levels, each level independent of each other but providing increasing long term value creation. It is our strong belief that, to unlock the true value of data, Enterprises should go beyond ERP or Core Accounting alone.

Our QuarkCube Platform is rightly positioned to provide the Finance Digitization maturity (Levels 2 to 10) to the Finance office.

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