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4D's of Solid MDM Foundation

4D's of Solid MDM Foundation

Master Data Management (MDM) and Orchestration is an important area that sometimes can define the growth of an enterprise. Lot of enterprises look at MDM as a way to bring synergies across various applications/data sources – while that is a good & the right thing, that is just one of the outcomes. Larger the company, more complex would have been its journey and in its journey multiple people/technologies would have changed. So when things change, people’s understanding or definition of certain aspects of business can get very blurry. More blurry the definition, more blurrier will be the decision making
For example, Projects. Projects could mean contract for some companies, it could mean Capital intensive work structure for some companies or it could be completely something else. In the same way, Departments could mean one thing for 1 leader (a group of Employees with common skill, for example) and could mean something else for another leader (a group of Customers, for example). For some leaders, it could be a mix of both!!! So, it is imperative that a common framework is defined where every business impacting master is very clearly laid out so that there is consistency and most importantly synergy. This way as the business continues to grow, new definitions/masters can easily be brought in to aid in the long term growth.

In our Performance Management framework as part of QuarkCube platform, we have a framework called the 4D MDM framework. It basically is structured around 4 important aspects

1. Define
2. Describe
3. Decide
4. Declutter

These 4Ds help in first defining what we have, what are all the key business driving masters and most importantly bring in consistency that is so important for performance management adoption.

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