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It's a Matter of Perspective

It's a Matter of Perspective

Traditionally it is a common practice to use Enterprise Performance Platforms along with Analytic tools to do Financial and Operational reporting. While this is a standard practice, the challenge is, the platforms become a vehicle to just automate a manual process into fully automated one. While automation is a key goal and definitely provides value/cost savings it is just not enough. Especially with the way how data is getting generated and data being the new oil, it is imperative that we don’t just look at tools as a way to move from Point A to Point B.
Instead EPM platforms should be an enabler to move companies move from Point A to destinations that could not been seen or even thought was possible. One of the biggest differentiators of QuarkCube over other traditional EPM platforms is the way how data is looked at. Most of the EPM platforms give you the ability to say look at Sales of different products over a period of time. But when you want to truly want to make sense of data, you don’t just look at Sales of a Product over a period of time – instead you might be looking at answers to queries like “Has a Product’s Packaging influenced Sales”, “What if I could package in multiple ways and see the impact of the same data” etc.

So in a simple chart, if you could plot how Data moves over a period of time (example Sales Year on Year) and how Metadata Moves over a Period of Time (example how Product has changed, or how product packaging has changed or how Sales Structure has changed etc), you will slowly start seeing multiple views of data. This is what we call as Perspectives (intersection of Data at any given point with Metadata at any given point).

Mind of an executive is generally always on the move – they need multiple view points of data. Our goal to build the QuarkCube Platform was to enable that contextual, on the move Perspective Analytics. In Executive decision making, what you see is what someone else can also see – so, its important that a platform becomes an enabler for an executive to see what they could not have otherwise seen traditionally. Bringing that insight, perspective is so key to Enterprise Platforms and that is something we fully believe in.

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