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Why must you think beyond ERP

Why must you think beyond ERP

Mere 40% of finance functions can be fully automated. Most of them can be easily managed using traditional ERP and Accounting softwares. The other 60%, however, requires companies to go beyond ERP.
Functions such as General Accounting, Cash disbursement and Revenue Management are transactional finance functions that are needed for survival of any company. They are lower on value chain in terms of business value they generate.

High value generating finance functions such as Consolidation and Controls, Financial Planning and Analysis, M&A, Treasury, and Risk Management are quite strategic in nature. These functions are automatable but require unique software solutions that go beyond the capabilities of excel or the transactional capabilities of an ERP.

Enterprise performance management (EPM) products help performing these high value functions with ease. EPM suite of products not only bring value to your business with imperative insights but also help you prepare for impending business risks and uncertainties. It’s time to think beyond ERP! #QuarkCube #thoughtleadership #CFO #Financeleaders #DigitalFinance #EPM #finance #financetransformation

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