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What you see is not What you get!!

What you see is not What you get!!

Every element of a business must be meticulously planned, including branding, product development, human resources, and finances. The organisation must develop plans and strategies for each opportunity that may arise. The same is true for financial strategy and investments. The pros and cons of the proposed investment must be assessed, as well as risk and other variables.

Financial Due diligence is a methodical approach to analysing and mitigating risk associated with a company or investment transaction. Due diligence in the financial sector entails the review of financial records prior to entering into a proposed deal with another party.

Companies must devote a significant amount of effort to financial due diligence in order to guarantee that all indicators align properly before making investments. Due diligence is advantageous in a variety of ways. Prior to the completion of a transaction, due diligence is performed to provide the buyer with certainty of what they are purchasing. Buying a company without completing due diligence considerably increases the buyer's risk in M&A. Due diligence also benefits the seller, since a comprehensive financial study may reveal that the seller's firm's fair market value is more than previously thought.

Due Diligence is a long drawn process. Objective of the process is go beyond how the seller company is viewed from the outside and look at it from the inside. Its so critical to ensure all the functions from Brand to Technology to People to Culture to Operations and Finance align. This process needs to be programmatic, time bound and most importantly for the benefit of both the parties involved.

A solid programmatic approach is needed to approach due diligence. QuarkCube along with our QuarkMerge M&A Platform, is designed exactly to assist businesses in navigating this complicated journey.

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