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Vision of an Effective CFO

Vision of an Effective CFO

Ambit of CFOs these days go beyond just monitoring the financial metrics and their associated accuracy. CFOs need to be true business partners and for that accurate, near real time forecasting is an absolute necessity. Apart from forecasts, its imperative that CFOs have a bird’s eye view of the entire close process and the associated downstream reporting schedules.
Given that CFOs cater to multiple stakeholders including Statutory authorities, Business Leaders, Board etc its absolutely important that all information including data from ERP systems and the associated forecasting processes are automated and time bound. We do believe automated forecasting & cash flow should be done multiple times each month for facilitating businesses to do course corrections mid-month.

Modern EPM platforms such as #QuarkCube enable CFOs to make the journey from Close to Publish lot more simpler, faster and most importantly iterative.

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