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Plan, Measure, Analyze, and Improve Business Performance

 QuarkPlan enables companies of all sizes plan, budget, forecast, analyze and report with ease.



Manage faster

Financial Consolidation, Close and Reporting

QuarkClose enables businesses consolidate, close, and publish accurate financial reports on time. 



Automated Daily Cashflow and Revenue Projections

QuarkFlare helps firms generate automated daily cash flow and financial projections



Cloud-Scale Financial & Operational Data Modeling with QuarkSheets

QuarkSheets powers all processing needs for multi-dimensional data analysis.


Plan, Measure, Analyze and Improve Business Performance

Variety of methods to Plan & Budget

Plan & Budget each account differently - Bottom-Up, Top-Down, Predictive, Driver Based, Statistical and Predictive Algorithms based approaches.

‘What-If’ Scenario Modeling

Ensure business continuity and mitigate risks by  preparing for adverse situations with ‘What-If’ Scenario Modeling and Analysis. 

Granular line-wise Planning and Approvals

Plan and Budget adopting different methods for each item. Prepare budget, roll up and report at a team, function, business unit or at the organization level.

Cash Flow Forecast with Cash Balance Ove


Manage faster Financial Consolidation, Close and Reporting

Cumulative Forecast Expenses and Income.

Automated Inter-Company Eliminations

Inter-Company Eliminations are natively available and provide for necessary details required for audits.

Multi-GAAP Support

Pre-Configured support for multiple GAAPs. Ability to pass reclass adjustments as required to enable GAAP reported filing.

Complex Holding Structures & Multi ERP Support

Native support for complex multiple inter-linked holding structures. Built-in support for different ERP source systems that helps gather required data for reporting.


Automated Daily Cashflow and Revenue Projections

Build Accurate Financial Statements

Build enterprise & department specific models that are connected and governed centrally. Build the masters, subscribe to central masters & curated analytic models.

Automated Daily Cash-Flow Projection

QuarkFlare provides a rolling 2 year daily forecast projection. It relies on the Payment Terms, Schedules to derive the outgo and inflow automatically.

Business Forecasting and Analysis

Monitor & analyze key performance metrics and Make strategic business decisions for near, short, & long terms with out-of-the-box forecasting and analysis.

Cash Flow Variance Analysis - Forecast V

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