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About QuarkCube

Why...? How...? What...?

We enable business leaders make bold moves, over incremental steps, with data-driven insights

Business leaders exist to make critical decisions that help

increase revenue, decrease cost, or mitigate risk. We live to help them make informed business decisions – faster, easier, and more impactful.

QuarkCube is a born-in-the-cloud SaaS company delivering financial data modeling and analysis solutions to businesses of all sizes, worldwide. Our proprietary Quark Engine with native perspective analysis, empowers you to model, analyze and simulate your business far into the future, and at a speed and data granularity, never done before.

The impact - an agile and intelligent organization where members at every level, across functions make swifter, smarter, and impactful business decisions everyday.

Genesis of 'QuarkCube'

'What's in a name?' Quite a bit, indeed!

Quark (/kwɔːrk, kwɔːrk/) : A type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter

Cube (/kyo͞ob, /kjuːb/) (data cube) : A multi-dimensional ('n-Dimensions') array of data values

Our platform natively models fundamental data elements into multi-dimensional data cubes, offering you the finest possible granularity of data modeling and analysis, and at a speed never done before, hence the name - QuarkCube!

Brands we Work with


Meet The Team

Profile Photo - Venkat J.png

Venkatakrishnan Janakiraman

  • LinkedIn

Founder & CEO



  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder & COO



  • LinkedIn

Senior Consulting Manager


Vinoth Kumar Govindarajan

Manager – Technology

New Project (2).jpg

Agnes Gladia

Junior Analyst


Ashok Jayakrishnan

Visualization Engineer



Lead Developer


Akshaya Sriram

Data Scientist

Navya Kanna - QuarkCube.jpg

Navya Kanna

Principal Consultant

Sugumar - QuarkCube.jpg

SugumaraRaja ES

Junior Developer Advocate

Amitha - QuarkCube.jpg

Amitha K P

Junior Developer

Karan Donathimma Rao.jpg

Karan Donathimma Rao

Senior Consultant

Ankita Gupta.jpg

Ankita Gupta

Junior Analyst

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