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The EPM Story

The CFO Imperative

We, at QuarkCube, strongly believe a complete Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution is mandatory for enterprises today to thrive and be successful.


A strong EPM platform can provide necessary insights for businesses to be successful and is a key driver for the success of CFOs. With the advent of technology and more so with many micro & macro economic factors coming into play, EPM solutions are slowly becoming the technology of choice not only for CFOs but also for CIOs/CTOs.


As cliched as it may sound, Change is the only constant for any CFO and its important that Finance Executives stay on top of the change. We call it the CFO Imperative

Change is the only constant

The CFO Imperative.png

Keeping up with the Change



The need for EPM

What's in it for you?

The ability of CFOs to adapt to change and also having a platform to assist through the same is very important. EPM Platforms provide that necessary backbone and we at QuarkCube have built all our products around this mantra of adapting to change.


We believe that using QuarkCube should elevate the maturity of the office of the CFO to provide business value not only to the Finance function but also to Management/Executives/Board & investors.


Going beyond ERP

Start predicting than simply analyzing 

Every business/enterprise generates data internally through systems like ERP/CRM etc that becomes the key element in any decision making.


Every business leader relies on their CFO/CIO to provide information on

  • “What Happened”,

  • “What is Happening”,

  • “What needs to Happen” &

  • “What will Happen” – we call it  the Time-Data challenge.


It’s a very interesting paradox – most ERP/Operational systems provide necessary data points to tell a story on “What Happened” & “What is Happening”. But when it comes “What needs to Happen” which is nothing but the direction/vision/strategy of the company, there are no systems today that can help capturing that information. And even more so, when it comes to combining “What needs to Happen” with “What will Happen”.


Basically what businesses need today is a continuous closed loop prediction of the future with tangible business metrics combined with historical data. Our mission at QuarkCube is facilitate businesses with the same through our end to end EPM Platform.


The need for Digital Transformation 

How do we get you started?

CFOs/CIOs are the change leaders when it comes to keeping up with change within an enterprise. The key to accomplishing the same is to rely on a solid EPM platform that not only caters to the business needs but also should align itself in providing the much needed Digital Transformation capabilities.


The need of the hour is to have technologies that help in keeping up with the change not in terms of business itself but also when it comes to technology areas like Security, Scalability, Price, Deployment models etc.


We at QuarkCube have bridged that gap using our future ready, built on cloud SAAS EPM platform that not only solves business needs but also puts the company on a Digital Transformation roadmap.

The need for a Single Unified Platform


The Path to Business Performance Management

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